Welcome to Ninja School...

Ninja School is your modern day semi-traditional mixed martial arts academy. We believe in blending the old with the new by keeping traditions rich and strong with practical training methods.

Each Ninja School you will encounter will have a unique blend of martial arts systems, styles or disciplines held at the location of your choosing. Ninja School give students an opportunity to learn with some of the best martial arts instructors in the industry.


Instructors are encouraged to guide students in understanding their instincts and teach them how to be innovative with techniques learned.


At Ninja School, we believe in guiding students to their potential through personal growth mentally, spiritually and physically.


Chris Frazier 

Owner/ Instructor

5th Dan Black Belt

Keishindo Martial Science

Jukido Jujitsu


Keith Hill

Head Instructor

5th Dan Black Belt

Kyokushinkan Karate

Conditioning & Self-Defense


Ninja School Federal Way  

Empowering the Mind, Body & Spirit