Keishindo Martial Science 

Ages 10+ yrs old
Keishindo, "Kei" meaning Defense, "Shin" meaning Body and "Do" meaning the Way.  The philosophy behind this mixed discipline, is that the science of martial arts is a body of knowledge itself. The type of knowledge  that can be rationally explained and reliably applied. Keishindo Martial Science is taught as a semi-traditional self-defense system that allows its practitioners to research practical movement from various styles. The founder is a well rounded martial artist turned martial scientist, that holds a wide range of knowledge in many systems and styles to facilitate rapid growth. Martial Science is designed to teach a variety of skills to increase coordination and promote innovation. Our philosophy is focused on creating martial scientists that are able to grow through self expression by studying multiple disciplines.
Keishindo Martial Science is based of Karate, Kung Fu & Jukido Jujitsu, but allows the addition of multiple styles.  A great martial scientist can take what suits them from every discipline and use their knowledge to match their physical ability. Focus, personal responsibility and fitness are heavily taught in these classes. It has been proved that a combination of mental discipline and physical fitness improves brain capacity and function.
Youth and Adults will learn discipline, respect and teamwork. Youth will learn about their own bodies in motion and bully prevention techniques while preparing them for advanced classes as they progress.

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