Jukido Jujitsu

Ages 9+ yrs


Freestyle Jukido Jujitsu/ Jukido Combat is a practical self-defense system at KMSA. The origin of this discipline was once known as UTC (Universal Tactical Combat).  Universal Tactical Combat / Jukido Combat, was created in 1988 by Professor Derek Sean Carlton, a 42 year Martial Science veteran and a former United States Marine Combat specialist from 1990-1994.  UTC is a close quarters combative system and sport that challenges individual competitors to place and reverse Armlocks, Sweeplocks and Bodylocks 


This system allows you and/or your child(ren) to focus on grappling, armlocks and takedowns within close ranges. Many of us do not like our personal spaces invaded, so why not learn a discipline that will give you the confidence to defend it?  Learn body awareness and good posture while getting a great workout.

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